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Synthroid Mg, It is almost a year now since I was in the accident and was charged with Impaired Driving.  There are times when life is so friggan frustrating. I am still not sure when I will be driving again, Synthroid duration, Buy cheap Synthroid no rx, although I could have been driving if I had a vehicle that I could install an interlock device in.  But my vehicle is still not repaired - I don't have the $8,000.00 it will take to repair it, Synthroid blogs. Buy Synthroid no prescription, The other day, I walked about 10KM (6 miles), order Synthroid online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Synthroid from mexico, My feet and legs ached. All to get me and my son a haircut, about Synthroid. Generic Synthroid, At least it was not raining, and the weather is warming up in my part of the world, ordering Synthroid online. Synthroid class, I look back on this year, and although I realize that driving and drinking is a serious offense, Synthroid natural, Synthroid for sale, I sometimes wonder if the penalties are too harsh.  The financial and personal hardship that results from an Impaired Driving charge are enormous and life ruining. Buy Synthroid online cod. Synthroid interactions. Online buying Synthroid hcl.

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4 Responses to “Synthroid Mg”

  • Marcel:

    The penalties are harsh because they’re meant to be a deterrent. Unfortunately, deterrents don’t work if nobody knows about them. Many people don’t realize that a second DUI conviction in Ontario results in MANDATORY jail time – the judge cannot waive it. As of 2011, the minimum is 30 days, up from two weeks. I talked to a lawyer who SPECIALIZES in DUI cases, who was not aware of this most recent penalty increase.

  • How can you possibly say that the penalties for impaired driving are too harsh. I have been charged myself and have acceptet responsibility for whatever the costs have been. We chose to get behind the wheel of our car after drinking and the potential for killing some poor innocent person because of a stupid choice is huge.
    You need to take ownership of your decision and stop blaming other people for your choices!
    In my opinion the punishment for DUI are not harsh enough.
    Think about it and take responsibility for your iinappropriate choice.

  • Me:

    Susan, can you name any other summary conviction crime for where there is a mandatory penalty that will affect one’s life for a first time conviction for many years to come, and where “intent” does not have to be proven, and where it is based on “potential” and not actual damages?

    I am not blaming anyone else for my choices. What on earth ever gave you that idea?

    It’s interesting to me that the Ontario Government has now put in place INCENTIVES for people to plead guilty to this charge. So many are trying to fight it in court (which is their right of course) due to the severity of the consequences of a conviction. You can rob a person at gunpoint and on your first conviction, the consequences won’t be nearly as harsh. The possibility of pulling the trigger with a gun and maiming or killing someone during a robbery are quite high, too.

  • Regretful:

    The penalties ARE too harsh if you got into an accident by yourself and nobody got hurt. I just got charged in this similar situation and I realize I made a huge mistake but the extent of the consequences is mind boggling. I have a hard time getting to work everyday now because my license is suspended. Even when I get it reinstated I still can’t drive because me and wife decided to take me off insurance. I made the mistake of telling my boss. Mechanics tried to entice me to commit insurance fraud. I had to pay for my car to get fixed ($7k). I had to pay for a lawyer ($5k-7k) and other DUI fees. It’s hard for me to go to job interviews. Certain companies might not hire me if I get a Criminal Record. I also run my own business on the side and I can’t drive to see clients. I might have trouble traveling to other countries. The DUI won’t disappear from my driving record for 6 years and the whole thing is putting stress on my relationship.

    It’s bad enough to have my license suspended for however long and pay thousands of dollars but then to also limit my ability to work for the interim and the rest of my life? THAT THERE GOING TOO FAR.

    Give criminal records to 2nd time offenders or when somebody gets hurt but not to people that made one honest mistake one night where nobody got hurt but their pride.

    I read a stat on the MTO website saying that there’s about 13,000 DUI charges laid in Ontario every year. 80% of those are 1st time offenses. I’m sure a large amount of those were the result of RIDE programs or where nobody got hurt and to give those people such harsh consequences is inconsiderate and unfair.

    Drinking and driving is a bad combination. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way as well but there’s different levels of consequences that should be given out depending on your situation. Not just a blanket consequence regardless of whether you blew a 0.9, or just sat in your car, or got in an accident, or god forbid hurt someone.

    I’m a good person, a young working professional with no addictions and a sound mind. I made a mistake one night and drove after having some drinks and ended up in a car accident by myself. As a result of the penalties the government hands out I feel my hopes and dreams for a new career have been dashed along with my ability to provide for my family as I won’t be driving for a long time and am a hindrance now. The depression from being effectively immobilized physically and financially would drive some people to drink even more. In my eyes the system has failed.

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